Park Policy



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  1. Introduction

  2. Park Personnel

  3. Guests

  4. Landscaping

  5. Accessory Equipment, Structures, and Appliances

  6. Lot and Home Maintenance and Appearance

  7. Conduct

  8. Vehicles

  9. Improvements

  10. Parking

  11. Complaints / Emergency

  12. For Sale Signs and Commercial Activities

  13. Pets


This Park Policy has been designed to encourage Residents to cooperate with the Park and promote the enjoyment and convenience of all Residents of the Park.  All Policies of the Park will be interpreted and applied in a reasonable manner.  (Referred to in all statues as the Park’s “Rules & Regulations”.)

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Owner may be represented by its Manager vested with all the legal right and authority to enforce the Park Policy’s on behalf of the Owner.

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A.  No guest may stay more than a total of twenty (20) consecutive days or thirty days in a calendar year. Guests under the age of eighteen (18) may not remain in the Park for more than seven (7) consecutive days or thirty days in a calendar year.

B.  Resident agrees to acquaint all guests with the conditions of tenancy of the Park, including but not limited to the Park’s Policies. Residents are personally responsible for all the actions and conduct of their respective guests.

C.  The Park reserves the right to determine whether the Park’s recreational and other facilities can accommodate all the Residents and their guests and, therefore, Park may refuse any guest access to said facilities if the guest’s presence would reasonably detract from the use and enjoyment of these facilities by other Residents and guests who are then using the facilities, or violates health and safety issues.

D.  Except when guests are entering or leaving the Park, Resident shall accompany the guest at all times they are in the Park. Under NO circumstances should a Guest or Tenant enter a construction area.

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A.  Landscaping of unlandscaped lots or changes to existing landscaping shall be completed within sixty (60) days of the date Resident signs the Rental Agreement or first occupies the home, whichever is earlier.  Prior to installing landscaping Resident must obtain the written approval of Park and complete Form E.  An approved signed copy will be returned to you, landscaping must be approved prior to work commencing.

B.  The Park’s general landscaping standards are as follows:

  • Be as original and elaborate as you wish as far as lawn, flowers, and shrubs are concerned. However, remember there are wild animals in the Park.
  • Concrete, masonry, or ground cover must have prior approval of the Owner of the Park.
  • Statuaries and fountains may be used.
  • Residents must check with Park before digging or driving rods or stakes in the ground as they might damage underground utilities. Resident shall bear the cost of all repairs to any underground improvement damaged by the Resident.
  • Park must approve of the type of trees planted and their location. No tree or shrubbery is allowed which does or may develop a root structure that causes cracking, buckling, or otherwise interferes with street, driveways, or other Park facilities. Resident is responsible for trimming, pruning, and maintaining the trees and bushes Resident or his predecessor in interest has planted. Park shall not be responsible for any damage (including damage to patios) or injury caused by Resident’s failure to maintain or trim trees and bushes.
  • Installation of fences above four (4) foot high, walls, or storage sheds is strictly prohibited.
  • Landscaping cannot change the grade within four (4) feet of the home.

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5. Accessory equipment, structures and appliances

A.  The installation of all required appliances, accessory equipment, and structures on new homes shall be completed within sixty (60) days of the date Resident signs the Rental Agreement or first occupies the home, whichever is earlier. Prior to commencing installation of or a change in accessory equipment and structures, or installation of or a change in any appliance which is to be connected to the gas, electric, or water supply, Resident shall submit for Park’s written approval a written plan describing in detail the accessory equipment or structure or appliance which Resident proposes to install or change. Residents must discuss their plans for accessory equipment and structures with the Park. Accessory equipment or structure or appliance that does not conform to the Park’s Policies shall be removed immediately.

B.  The Park’s general standards for accessory equipment, structures, and appliances for new homes are as follows:

  • All awnings must be full length, be unitized, and have rear overhangs.
  • Any temporary steps provided by your dealer (if any) must be removed from the Park no later than sixty (60) days from the time the home is moved into the Park. Steps must have approved metal handrails as required by law.
  • Storage sheds are not allowed.
  • All new homes moving into the Park must have detachable hitches.
  • Drippings from air conditioner are not allowed to fall onto the ground under the home. It must be piped away from the home in a manner satisfactory to the Park. Park must approve the location and type of all air conditioning units.
  • Color of the home and landscaping material used are subject to Park’s discretion.
  • Gutters cannot drain under home or cause washout problems.
  • All manufactured homes must be ground mounted.
  • All state permits are applicable.

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6. Lot and home maintenance and appearance

A. Residents shall maintain their space and home and all landscaping, structures, improvements, and other things attached to the home or placed thereon in good condition and repair and in a neat, clean, attractive, and well-kept fashion. All concrete, asphalt, and other surfaces shall be maintained in good condition and repaired, kept clean and maintained free of oil, and all other sticky or oily substances. When Resident is away, it is Resident’s responsibility to have someone maintain the exterior of the home and space.

B.   Wheels, hitches, and other items permitted by law are the only objects that may be stored under the home. Unless specifically permitted by the Park, nothing may be placed or stored outside the home. This includes but is not limited to overstuffed furniture, appliances, ironing boards, brooms, mops, tools, gardening equipment, debris, refuse, litter, firewood, or any item that is unsightly in appearance. Patio furniture that complies with these Park Policies, operable bicycles and barbecue equipment, all of which is to be maintained in an attractive and neat condition, are the only items permitted outside the home. Nothing is to be hung outside the home to dry.

C.   Only outdoor patio furniture approved for use by Park, such approval not to be unreasonably withheld, may be used on the patio, porch, yard, or other portion of the space.

D.  Anything that creates a threat to health and safety shall not be permitted on the Lot. No tanks, flammable, combustible, or explosive fluid material, chemical, or substances, except ones customarily used for normal household purposes, may be stored on the lot and then only in quantities reasonably necessary for normal household purposes. Private Jacuzzis must be locked at all times and homeowner must carry a minimum of a $5 million homeowner policy which includes the Jacuzzi. Anyone wishing to add a Jacuzzi must have Park’s written approval prior to installation and provide the necessary Vendor Insurance Requirements prior to the work taking place.

E.   The utility pedestals (water, cable, and utility hookups) must be accessible at all times. If one of the Park’s water shut-off valves is located on Resident’s lot, it must be kept uncovered and accessible at all times. Resident shall not connect, except through existing electrical or gas outlets or water pipes on the lot, any apparatus or device for the purposes of electric current, gas, or water.

F.   Resident shall bear the cost of repairs to any utilities or Park property damaged by Resident. To avoid damage to underground facilities, Resident must have Park’s written consent before digging or driving rods or stakes into the ground.

G. Building permits, licenses, and other similar permission from governmental or quasi-governmental bodies or agencies are required and must be obtained before construction or installation of certain accessory equipment and structures and appliances and all such appliances, equipment and structures must comply with all federal, state, and local laws and ordinances. Only licensed contractors may install items that are required to be connected to the electrical, gas, or water supplies. Only licensed contractors may do work in your home. A Vendor Insurance Requirement form is provided to each homeowner upon signing of their rental agreement. The requirements for all contractors, subcontractors, performing work in the Park or home are as follows:

You are required to submit a Certificate of Insurance and Endorsement from your insurance agent evidencing the following insurance coverage prior to providing any work or material:

1.   Minimum General Liability:  $1,000,000 combined Single Limit / $1,000,000 Aggregate
2.   Minimum Umbrella Liability:  $1,000,000 combined Single Limit / $1,000,000 Aggregate
3.   Minimum Automobile Liability: $1,000,000 combined Single Limit
4.   Worker’s Compensation Insurance in Accordance with California Law
5.   Minimum A.V. Best Rating A++XV

This insurance policy, evidenced by the Certificate and Endorsement, MUST LIST VERBATIM Additional Insured as follows:  1.  Edgewood Mobile Home Park, Inc.  2. DBA Edgewood Estates

Please fax or mail the Certificate of Insurance and Endorsement along with a copy of your California Contractor’s License to the following address/number:

Edgewood Estates • P.O. Box 99, Weed, CA 96094
530-938-3402 • Fax 530-938-3402

As required by the Park’s Insurance Company all information must be received prior to entry to the Park to complete any work.

Any homes or garages being repainted must have colors approved by the Park. Only manufactured accessory equipment and structures and appliances are permitted and no such “home made” equipment, structures or appliances may be installed.

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A.  Actions by any person of any nature that may be dangerous or may create a health and safety problem or disturb others are not permitted. This includes but is not limited to any unusual, disturbing, or excessive noise, intoxication, quarreling, threatening, fighting, immoral or illegal conduct, profanity or rude, boisterous, objectionable, or abusive language or conduct. Persons under the influence of alcohol or any other substance shall not be permitted in any area of the Park that is generally open to Residents and guests. In common areas (defined as generally open to residents and guests) no weapons are allowed. No explosives or explosive devices are permitted in the Park.

B.   Radios, televisions, record players, musical instruments, and other devices must be used so as not to disturb others. “Ham” or “CB” radios or other radio transmitters may not be operated in the Park, and no antennas of any kind are allowed.

C.   Visiting children must be quiet and orderly and not be allowed to play in the street, on other Resident’s property, or on vacant sites, or do anything that might be cause for complaint. Residents must acquaint all visiting children with the Park Policies. Children of guests must have the supervision of a Resident at all times. Tenants must accompany all guests in the park, when outside the home.

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8.   Vehicles

A.  No repair or maintenance work of any kind on any vehicle, boat, or trailer (other than Resident’s home) may be done, except in designated sections of the Park. Car washing is not permitted in the Park.

B.   Vehicles must be operated in a safe manner. Pedestrians, electric carts, and bicycles shall be granted the right-of-way. Any person who is not licensed may operate no motorized vehicle within the Park. Vehicles operated in the Park must be properly licensed. Residents must obey all posted traffic control signs, stop signs, no-parking signs, and speed limit signs. The speed limit in the Park is five (5) miles per hour.

C.   Vehicles are not permitted in the Park if they are not regularly maintained in normal operating condition and are not neat and clean in appearance. This includes but is not limited to vehicles whose exterior appearance has deteriorated to a point where they are unsightly and detract from the appearance of the Park or vehicles that contain unsightly loads that are visible to other persons. Excessively noisy vehicles are not permitted in the Park. Vehicles dripping gasoline, oil, or other fluids or substances must be kept out of the Park until repaired in order to prevent damage to the pavement. Residents must remove oil and other drippings and Resident is responsible for the repair of the damage to pavement. A drip pan may be used if it is cleaned frequently.

D.  Bicycle riding is permitted in the Park; however, Residents are required to obey vehicle traffic regulations and are required to obey any State laws regarding bicycle riding. Safety equipment while riding is recommended. No bicycle riding is permitted on vacant lots. Racing, speeding, or interfering with the vehicle flow on the street will result in revocation of the right to ride a bicycle within the Park. Leaving bicycles on the street or on other Resident’s lot, damaging the Park’s or other Resident’s landscaping or property or creating hazardous situations are prohibited.

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Upon removal of a manufactured home, all landscaping and structures or other improvements permanently attached or embedded in the ground that are not removed with the home, shall become a part of the realty and belong to the Park and shall remain upon and be surrendered with the Lot. Park may, however, at its sole option permit or require Resident to remove, at his own expense, said improvement. Resident shall repair any damage to the lot caused by the removal, including but not limited to the filling in and leveling of holes or depressions and shall leave the lot in a neat, uncluttered condition with the Park’s original engineered grade intact.

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A.  Parking is permitted only in designated parking areas. Unless otherwise posted or permitted by these Park Policies, no parking is permitted on the street of the Park. Vehicles parked on Resident’s lot may only be parked on the driveway or garage and not on the landscaped or other areas of the lot. Guests may only park in designated guest parking spaces or in the host Resident’s lot. Because of limited parking facilities, Park may reserve the right to restrict the number of guests bringing automobiles or other vehicles into the Park.

B.   Motor homes, buses, travel trailers, boats, boat trailers, or other similar vehicles that are not self-propelled may not be parked in the Resident’s lot. All such prohibited vehicles will be parked in the Recreational Vehicle Storage area. Any such prohibited vehicle belonging to a guest may not be parked overnight in guest parking or in the lot. These limitations do not apply to Park vehicles, service vehicles of contractors or other persons performing services for Resident during the time the service is being performed. Vehicles that are otherwise prohibited may be temporarily parked on Resident’s lot or on the street for the purpose of loading or unloading.

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Except for emergencies, all complaints must be submitted to the Park in writing and signed by the person making the complaint. Any emergency requiring emergency services is to be reported to the Park Office at the time of the emergency. The emergency phone number is (530) 938-3402.

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A.  No commercial activity or “For Sale” signs or other signs advertising anything for sale or advertising any other commercial activity are permitted. Signs with Resident’s name and address are permitted. Any sign advertising the sale or exchange of Resident’s home shall be limited in size as presently provided in the Mobilehome Residency Law. No more than one (1) such sign shall be displayed. Any change in the Mobilehome Residency Law or other laws affecting the restriction on signs shall automatically become applicable and be part of the Park Policy.

B.   All exterior “For Sale” flags are prohibited.

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13. PETS

A.  Special permission to keep a house pet in the Park must be obtained from the Park. A house pet is defined as a pet that spends its primary existence within the home. Park reserves the right to deny a Resident a pet if there are an excessive number of pets in the Park.

B.   The type of pets permitted are dogs, cats, small birds, such as parakeets and canaries, fish, and other usual household pets approved by Owner. No more than two pets will be allowed per home. No exotic pets or viper snakes are allowed. No Pit Bulls or Rottweillers are allowed.

C.   Each pet must be inoculated in accordance with local law. Proof of inoculation is required.

D.  Pets are not allowed in the Clubhouse at any time (except seeing eye dogs). Any pet running loose in the Park will be impounded at the owner’s expense and the Resident may be notified to vacate his lot or give up his pet. Should a Resident lose his pet, he must obtain written permission from the Owner before acquiring another one. Pets may be walked within the Park. Any excrement left by a pet must be picked up immediately and disposed of within the Resident’s home or out of the Park.

E.   Pets will not be allowed to cause any disturbance which might annoy neighbors. If a pet causes any disturbance, annoyance, or harm, such as barking, growling, biting, or any other unusual noises or damage that will annoy or cause harm to a neighbor, permission to keep the pet will be revoked.

F.   Exterior pet housing is not permitted in the Park. This includes but is not limited to any type of plastic or wooden pet home. Tying of pets outside the home, attended, is permitted provided they don’t bark or disturb the neighbors.

G.  Edgewood Estates is located in the forest. Please remember there are wild animals. Do not feed the wild animals and do not allow your pet to chase any of these animals.

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